How Viruses Contaminate Your Computer ( Informative Guide )

Viruses are small bits of software that hurt our computers when they are activated. A virus usually attaches to other software programs (games, disk utilities, office documents/Macros, screen savers), and is activated when the programs are run.

Viruses are inactive until they’re activated when a program or boot record is run or read. A virus infects your computer. It’s loaded into your memory.

Viruses are pieces of software that typically cause our computers to run slow or crash. Normally viruses are attached to other programs, such as games, disk utility applications, office documents/Macros, screen savers, and are activated when the usually harmless programs are started.

A virus is active only when you run it or it is run. An infected boot record on a floppy or CD can carry the virus and spread it to other computers.

Once the virus enters the computer, it loads in the memory. The virus can then execute its nasty work or spread itself to other programs on your system or other computers in your network.

It is important to remove a virus from a computer. If the virus is in your system or is spread to other computers, you should remove it immediately.

Here are the steps to remove a virus.

Steps To Remove A Virus From Your Computer:

Open your browser and go to the homepage of your antivirus software. It will ask you to select the virus or file that is present on your PC.

Select it and click the Scan button.

Once it scans the virus, you should see the virus name, its description, and the reason for its existence. Click on “Remove” next to the virus.

Now you should see the virus name and the reason for its existence. This is the virus that you want to remove from your system.

Click on “Yes, remove it”.

The virus has been removed from your system and the reason for its presence has also been explained.

It should be made clear that Usenet and file-sharing programs do not create viruses or infected files in any way. It is certain antisocial people who create viruses, and then use these services to spread the infected files to other users on the system.

This is very similar to cars and highways in that Ford, Toyota, or the highway makers do not cause traffic accidents, it is the idiot who got drunk and then drove who causes a 14 car pileup. Of course, if there weren’t cars or highways there wouldn’t be an accident… then again, the idiot would still be getting smashed and driving his horse carriage into the store window.

When you get a virus on your computer, it can erase everything that you have on your hard drive. Each virus is different – some of them come up as strange messages on your screen, while others just work at eroding the files on the computer.

A virus just doesn’t appear in your computer – you have to put them there, usually by running programs from the Internet that contain viruses. They sometimes come from attachments in emails. It is possible that an email from a friend could contain a virus if that person’s computer is infected. With anti-virus software installed on your computer, this will tell you whether or not it is safe to open the email with a message such as “No virus detected in incoming mail:”

In most cases, you should just let the anti-virus program check it out before you open it.

When you open a program and save data on your computer, it stores the data on your hard drive. You also save the virus which is a threat to your PC and if your PC gets affected by the virus, it will start to damage your files and programs, which will lead to some serious problem. If you are a computer user then you must be aware of viruses.

A virus is a malware (malicious software) that infects a computer. When you save data on your computer, it will save the virus in your system. Once the virus is saved in the system, it will start to infect all the other data on the system and make it unstable. In the past, there were many viruses which were harmful to the system and sometimes even caused major damage to the system. These viruses were not a threat to the memory of the system but they did affect the data and programs on the system.

Now a day there are many new types of viruses which are developed and they have become a threat to the system and its files. These new viruses will not affect the memory of the system, but they can infect and damage the data and programs. So, it is necessary to be aware of viruses and its protection.

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