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Kathleen Willy, lost files, “that woman, Miss Lewinsky”, perjury vs JFK MLK


The older the Tennessee Mountain Man gets the more he finds himself contemplating the history written in his lifetime, and how that history affects the present. In the midst of the 2008 political season, there are inescapable memories and applications both good and bad of yesteryear.

A recent visit between the computer man and a politically well-connected lawyer friend turned on the topics of politics, the election season at hand, and how the 2008 elections bring memories of the “good run” the two men had enjoyed in their life as well as the pain they had endured. Both now finding themselves leaning right recalled their happier years growing up in democratic households and finding that sixty (60) years of living, loving, and maturing gives one quite a perspective.

Hillary Clinton for example dredges up memories like the Rose Law Firm, Kathleen Willy, lost files, “that woman, Miss Lewinsky”, perjury, Gennifer Flowers, smoking pot without inhaling, Paula Jones, white water, Susan McDougal ad infinitum.

Barack Obama stirs up memories as well. Memories like the pride that swells up in a boy’s heart for his country as he watches Chet Huntley and David Brinkley televise and report on the operations of the republican and democratic conventions in real-time.

As Hillary, like Tammy Wynette, stands by her man she conjures up recollections not of The Possum (George Jones) but of George Wallace and his wife, Lurleen who ruled as Governors of Alabama during the 1960s and 1970s. A time most people would rather not revisit.

On the other hand, Obama is trailed by the legacy of another young man of that era. A United States Senator, a Roman Catholic, by the name of John F. Kennedy stirred a nation and caught the imagination and hope of the American people when he dared run for and win the Presidency of the United States.

The Clintons bring back memories of Bull Conner and his attack dogs while Obama brings ringing memories of Freedom Marches, of Martin Luther King, of Jack Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy.

The Clinton’s win at any price hardball backroom politics bring back memories of FBI Director J Edgar Hoover and his abuse of power taping and spying on Dr. King and political operatives of both parties for his personal aggrandizement. He blackmailed our leaders of the day keeping the pressure on. With certain kinds of people, the end justifies the means.

George and Laureen bought black votes by buying off the religious leaders. The fact was that they could not have stayed in power without the support of the African-Americans living in Alabama. At least one Fox reporter has said the Clinton Machine is providing Black church clerics with “walking around money” for their support against Obama, one of their own. Hello! Bill Clinton was not the first black president, but Obama could be. Clinton was and is the “other white meat”, you know, the one the Holy Bible warns you against.

Obama has run a clean campaign that faces a Clinton Machine which, to state only a couple of examples, first introduced racial issues into the democratic primary by race-baiting, and which raised the youthful indiscretions of Obama trying to make the masses believe him to be an addict and drug dealer. Whatever happened to the adage, “don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house”? Or the rule requiring a plaintiff to have clean hands to bring an action?

If the Clinton Machine is not bonking you they are pimping you and whether they like it or not they got caught pimping their daughter. Yet they appear to be able to feign pain as well as Hillary does tears and get all out of joint when called on it. It brings back the memories of Bill’s righteous indignation over what the meaning of “is” – “is”. Makes one remember Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” which turned out to be nothing more than Bill Clinton’s zipper. They don’t, however, seem to have an issue with our troops fighting a war on foreign soil is referred to as pimps.

The Clinton Machine changed its collective mind and expressed a desire to seat Michigan and Florida delegates after they fudged on campaigning and managed to win an election in states that were not supposed to count for anything in the 2008 democratic party nominating process. But no caucus says Billary, we would lose that.

Billary always wanting to change the rules in the middle of the game. They remind yours truly of the kid who always managed to empty a playground by just showing up.

Hillary vs. Obama. The 2008 election truly is a choice between yesterday and tomorrow.

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